More and more companies are discovering the benefits of marking their products using TIJ technology. Unlike CIJ printers, this helps them achieve top quality marking with minimum maintenance costs .

Our TIJ equipment can print with high-resolution characters in all pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, such as:

  • Medical preparations
  • Cosmetics
  • Natural products

Our marking process has been designed to print directly on to the product and its packaging to ensure optimum adherence. TIJ printers allow us to mark expiry dates, batch series on each product, manufacture dates, bar codes, or any other information relating to the traceability of your products. Each printer is programmed and tailor-made to adapt to your specific marking needs.

As ink and additives manufacturers, we have special inks for marking pharmaceutical and cosmetics products, which require marking with direct application.

We have food inks adapted to all coders on the market, at all times meeting our customers' requests and obtaining optimum performance in their marking processes.


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