About us

With over 25 years' experience, we are leaders in the manufacture of industrial coding inks and additives and in offering integral solutions for your industrial marking needs.


Thanks to our experience and establishment in the market, we offer industrial printers ready to meet all your coding and traceability needs, while providing a specific and bespoke solution to every marking process.


We guarantee significant savings on your product coding processes, as we supply inks and solvents directly from the manufacturer, without intermediaries, as well as replacement parts, and a maintenance and repair service for your printers.


We cover the need of not having to be tied to the pressures of coder suppliers, often with inks at astronomical prices and with lengthy maintenance and consumables contracts.

R+D + Enviorment


At Ubach we are firmly committed to quality, always thinking of the effective development of our printers and consumables to be able to respond rapidly to our customers' needs without forgoing the need to preserve the environment. We have established collaboration agreements with official waste treatment companies in line with current environmental regulations.


Our quality of service and continuous improvement of marking processes, and our high level of technology, enable us to manufacture inks and additives of excellent quality and reliability, providing optimum performance in all printers.


We manufacture under chemical-pharmaceutical controls and the most stringent safety regulations, both in the sanitary sphere and in terms of protecting the environment. Our inks are completely atoxic and comply with American FDA and EU regulations.

Advantages and guarantee

UBACH is world leader in the manufacture of inks and additives for industrial coding and marking. With over 20 years' experience, we provide real solutions to our customers' needs.

Our philosophy and raison d'être:



We have over 25 years' experience helping optimise coding and marking processes.

We offer an extensive catalogue of technologically-tested inks and additives for use in a wide range of applications.

We are constantly innovating. Since its beginnings, Ubach has been committed to research into new technologies and the development of new proprietary formulations that enable us to stay at the forefront of our sector and offer our customers the utmost reliability.

Our customer care service and friendly and cordial treatment have earned the trust of many companies who now find in Ubach a team that offers them peace of mind and the utmost confidence.


  • High quality of inks and complete compatibility with all brands.
  • Direct factory prices with no intermediaries.
  • Printers with DOD, TIJ, CIJ technology and Handheld printers.
  • Technical advice on the best marking processes.
  • Formulae adapted to each customer.
  • Immediate delivery.
  • Printer maintenance and repair technical service.
  • All types of replacement parts and accessories for the major brands available.