Food Grade Inks for coding meat

We are the leading manufacturer of food inks for marking meat carcasses in slaughterhouses.

As manufacturers, all our inks have a Health Register. In addition, we have Halal certification accredited by the Halal Food Quality agency.

Colors: Red E-129 / Brown E-155 / Blue-E-133 / Green-519 / Black E-151

MER inks for confiscated meat.

Marking with a stamp or with a printer: Rea-Jet / AutoFom - AutoMarker / Hitachi / Videojet, etc.

- Health Registry (RGSEAA: 39.006361/B.)

- Halal Food Quality Certificate (HFQ-INC-239/2019-39-01-CAT.).

- Migration and allergen analyses.

- Containers of 1, 5, 25 or 200 liters.

- Permanent stock of inks and solvents.

- Fast delivery times.

- Free shipping of samples.