DOD Inks and Solvents

This technology is used primarily for printing large characters.

DOD (Drop On Demand) technology is most suited for coding porous and non-porous surfaces: cardboard boxes, paper or plastic bags, wood, prefabricated concrete, bags of cement, mortar, plaster, flour, etc.


Inks for porous surfaces 

Ubach inks for marking on porous surfaces are designed to ensure high visibility of the characters.  They are quick-drying thanks to their rapid absorption on the surface.



Ideal inks for:

Paper bags, animal feed bags, cardboard boxes, plasterboard, bags of cement and mortar, prefabricated concrete, paper pulp, etc.

Inks for non-porous surfaces

There are materials that offer special resistance to adherence. For this reason, manufacturing inks for use on these surfaces requires a specific formulation to ensure optimum, visible and resistant printing.




Plastic packaging and bags, secondary packaging that includes varnishes
, etc.

UBACH offers over 50 different high-quality formulations that ensure maximum performance of DOD coders.

  • Water-based inks.
  • Alcohol-based inks.
  • Mek-based inks.
  • Acetone-based inks.
  • Alkali-resistant and UV ray-resistant inks.
  • Special pallet-marking inks.



Ubach inks are available in ½, 1, 5, 25 and 200 litre packs.

All packaging and cartridges are original and compatible with the leading brands on the market.

Permanent stock of inks, additives and solvents.

24-hour delivery times.

Free shipment of samples.


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