Printers for marking cables, extrusions and tubes. We provide integral solutions for the extrusion industry, with high-performance equipment to ensure an optimum, flexible and high-quality marking process.

Printing is done with no direct contact with the product for marking on curved or irregular surfaces with flexible materials. Our ink jet inks and additives have been developed using proprietary formulae designed specifically for the extrusion sector. The production process goes through different stages of analysis and control at our chemical laboratories before inks and additives with maximum adhesion and permeability are obtained.



We manufacture ink jet inks according to the personal needs of each customer:

Maximum-adherence inks on plastic.

Highly resistant to light, water and adverse weather conditions.

White or yellow inks for application on dark surfaces that need highly-contrasting marking.

High-definition inks.

Quick-drying, for high-speed marking lines.



Ubach ink jet inks allow you to mark non-porous surfaces in a wide range of materials, such as:


Fibre optic cables.

Pipes and channels.


Telephone cables.



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