Food grade inks

Quick-drying inks and additives formulated with completely edible products for direct coding on food products.

Ideal inks for:

Meat, eggs, cold meats, cookies, empanadas, etc.

Certified inks for use on foodstuffs that enable direct marking on the product.



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Formulations using the best raw materials, obtaining inks of excellent quality and reliability.

We have an extensive range of food inks adapted to every application and coder, at all times meeting our customers' requests and obtaining optimum performance in their marking processes.

Chemical-pharmaceutical controls under FDA and EU regulations.




Halal Food Quality: HFQ-INC-239/2019-39-01-CAT.


Ubach inks are available in ½, 1, 5, 25 and 200 litre packs.

All packaging and cartridges are original and compatible with the leading brands on the market.

Permanent stock of inks, additives and solvents.

Delivery time: 24 hours.

Free shipment of samples.


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