High-definition TIJ printers.
Presenting the global solution for all your marking processes.
High-definition. Maximum performance. Minimum cost.

Increasingly more companies are discovering the advantages of TIJ technology for its comfort, ease of use, cleaning, versatility and the significant savings it offers.

UBACH offers a number of High-Resolution TIJ thermal printers using HP TIJ 2.5 technology.


Elfin I

Elfin II

Elfin IH

Elfin IS




High-resolution TIJ printers based on printing with cartridges are the alternative to ink jet printers (CIJ) and ensure a print quality of up to 600 dpi.

The cartridges include all the parts and components that activate printing of the product built in, so they do not need maintenance like CIJ ink jet printers do.

You simply place the cartridge in the printer, program the data you want to print, and start working comfortably, cleanly and easily, always obtaining a high-resolution print.





Principal advantages of working with TIJ technology

  1. More economical than a CIJ printer.
  2. Small printer taking up little space.
  3. Easy to use and program intuitively.
  4. No maintenance needed.
  5. No technicians required.
  6. No parts that wear out.
  7. High-resolution marking.
  8. Sustainable MEK-free inks.
  9. Built-in ink-saving software for the cartridges.
  10. Controlled by tablet or mobile phone.
  11. Prints on multiple surfaces.
  12. High operational performance.




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