Our new CIJ printers



  • Even our basic model has integrated features, which can hardly be found in any other device of its price segment.
  • Beside the easy and modern operation, which we optimized for the standard applications of coding single products, we have equipped the system with a minimized inksystem, which is perfectly tuned to our quality inks.
  • Reliable operation of the machine is guaranteed through a USB stick based ink and solvent management.
  • Of course the system includes a network connection through which production statistics and status visualization in realtime are made available in the company's intranet.


  • Coloured 7 inch Touch-Display
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Simple Usage
  • Compact size
  • Windows CE Operating System
  • Remote screen in Intranet
  • Simple data transfer by USB-Stick
  • Standard interfaces (USB, Ethernet)
  • Integrated production statistics
  • Intelligent ink- and solvent management
  • up to 24 Pixel Text / Grafic free combinable
  • Fast and simple initial operation
  • Ideal suitable for standard coding applications